Tokyo International Foto Awards 2017

Winner - Nature-Aerial - Bronze


The photograph was taken above the main dam of the Plover Cove Reservoir in Hong Kong and was originally on both sides with flatted water surface. As the passing of the boat gave a dynamic picture of one side and the other side was still in static. The contrast gave us the sense of motion. We felt the contrast of dynamic and still. Besides, the path of the boats were in an arc pattern. It gave us a feeling of harmony and looked like the pattern of Tai Chi.

Honorable Mention - Nature-Pets

Be with you

Away from our hometown (Hong Kong) and started our road trip with my dog in Japan, we shared our happiness with my dog. The dog was honest and live simply. We chased the sun and explored every day.

感謝TIFA,上一年開始加入了不少Aerial shot 元素,航拍的高角度令照片有另一傳譯方式,可以有更多變化和發揮想像空間。2018會繼續努力,希望可以收錄更多不同的世界畫面,讓想像影像帶我們去更遠。

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